Drinks and parties

De Huyschkaemer is very well suited for drinks and parties.

For questions about this you can reach us at
info@huyschkaemer.nl or via phone 020-6270575

Drinks in the Huyschkaemer

Drinks in the Huyschkaemer

Every day there could be a good reason for having a couple of drinks in the Huyschkaemer. We have a big selection of (local) beers, wines, mixers and some cocktails. Basically you can come in any time of the day without reservation. If you are with a larger group (from 10 persons on) or just want to make sure we keep a spot for you occupied , then a booking may be helpful. You can make a booking via our website or you could call us.

In the Huyschkaemer, which means living room in Dutch, you are always among our other guest in our homely atmosphere. We have no separate areas for get-togethers. We do have a mezzanine where you can have a little bit more privacy. We usually reserve a few tables for a booking so a group still has its own spot in the Huyschkaemer.

Of course we also have snacks too! We have an assortment of bar food and some larger dishes. Our kitchen is opened until 22.00.

You can best reach us by email or call us.

Click here for our full drink and bar food menu..


  • Mandje brood uit de oven


    Bread from the oven.

  • Met aioli of pesto-mayo


    with aioli or pesto mayonnaise

  • Met huysch-gemaakte humus


    with homemade hummus.

  • In knoflook gemarineerde olijven en walnoten.


    In garlic marinated olives and walnuts.

  • Italiaanse crostini’s (6 stuks) met olijven/champignon of tomaat/basilicum.


    Italian crostini’s (6 pieces) with olive/mushrooms mix or tomato/basil mix

  • Met Coppa di Parma of sardines


    with Coppa di Parma or sardines.

  • Tortilla chips


    Tortilla chips.

  • Met salsa of zure room


    with Salsa or sour crème.

  • Met guacamole


    with guacamole.

  • Deluxe; kaas, salsa, zure room, guacamole en jalapenos. Uit de oven.


    Deluxe; cheese, salsa, sour crème, guacamole and jalapenos from the oven

  • Gestoomde Edamames (sojabonen) met zeezout


    Steamed Edamames (soybeans) with sea salt.

  • Japanse kip Yakitori spiesjes met lente-ui en sesamzaadjes (7 stuks)


    Japanese chicken Yakitori skewers with spring onion and sesame seeds (7 pieces).

  • Krokante kipstukjes met een koriander-limoen saus


    Crispy chicken pieces with coriander lime sauce.

  • Kwekkenboom bitterballen, uit de oven! Met mosterd (7 stuks)


    Kwekkenboom crispy meatballs. Typical dutch. With mustard (7 pieces).

  • Gevulde dadels met geitenkaas omringd met spek (7 stuks)


    Stuffed dates with goat cheese wrapped in bacon (7 pieces)

  • Worstplankje. Met 3 verschillende wisselende worsten. Zie ons krijtbord


    Meat platter. With 3 different varying sausages. See our chalkboard. Small (3 pieces each)

  • Groot (5 stukjes van elke worst)


    Large (5 pieces each)

  • Kaasplankje. Met 3 verschillende wisselende kazen. Zie ons krijtbord


    Cheese platter. With 3 different varying cheeses. See our chalkboard. Small (3 pieces each)

  • Groot (5 stukjes van elk kaasje)


    Large (5 pieces each)

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