Lunch in the Huyschkaemer

As most people know the Huyschkaemer mainly from a nice place for drinks, but did you know you can also have a delicious and healthy lunch with us? Since a couple of years, we have had a lunch menu with all special, organic and simply very tasty sandwiches, soups and salads! We also make some fresh healthy smoothies and juices that energizes you so you can take on the day ahead! We have a weekly sandwich of the week, which is always at a discounted price. Every week we bake a number of cakes in our kitchen. From classics to more experimental recipes, but they are always delicious!

Our smoothies, sandwich of the week, day soup and cake can be found on the chalkboard. Or you can ask the staff. They can also tell you all about our dishes, ingredients and can help you with a food allergy or some other preferences.

We serve our lunch every day until 17.00. So even if you a running late you could drop by for a sandwich. On Sunday evening to Thursday evening you can order until 21.00 in the evening a burger, salad or soup from our lunch menu. So you could have some simple but delicious dinner for less €10.

In short, the Huyschkaemer is a place where you can sit all day and enjoy our food, atmosphere and drinks

Lunch Menu

  • Broodje van de week. Wekelijkse specialiteit.


    Sandwich of the week. Weekly special.

  • Soep van de dag. Geserveerd met brood. *


    Soup of the day. Served with bread.

  • De klassieke tonijnsalade met gesmolten cheddar kaas


    Classic tuna melt with cheddar cheese.

  • De Croque Monsieur. Een tosti met Gruyère, ham en Mornaysaus


    A Croque Monsieur. A grilled sandwich with Gruyere, ham and Mornaysauce.

  • Croque Madame. Zoals de Monsieur maar dan met een gebakken ei.


    Croque Madame. Croque Monsieur with a fried egg.

  • Broodje gerookte makreel met zwarte peper, rode ui, komkommer en tuinkers.


    Smoked mackerel sandwich with black pepper, onions, cucumber and cress.

  • Broodje met verse buffelmozzarella, tomaat, verse pesto en Coppa di Parma


    Buffalo mozzarella sandwich with, tomato, fresh pesto and Copa di Parma.

  • Broodje romige geitenkaas met dadels, spek en honing uit de oven


    Creamy goat cheese sandwich with dates, bacon and honey from the oven.

  • Broodje pittige Reuben. Pastrami, zuurkool, Gruyère en augurk


    Spicy Reuben Sandwich. Pastrami, sauerkraut, Gruyere and pickles.

  • De welbekende Sloppy Joe. Met oa gestoofd rundvlees, cheddar en koriander


    A beef stew sandwich “Sloppy Joe”. With cheddar cheese and coriander. A real classic!!

  • Groene salade met o.a. ui, tomaat, komkommer, walnoten en brood


    A green salad with onions, tomato, cucumber, walnuts and bread.

  • Salade met krokante kip en avocado.


    With crispy chicken and avocado.

  • Salade met geitenkaas, baby spinazie, quinoa en avocado.


    Salad with goat cheese, baby spinach, quinoa and avocado.

  • Salade met gerookte makreel, gekookte aardappels en creme fraiche.


    Salad with smoked mackerel, boiled potatoes and crème fraiche.

  • Arie’s Angus runderburger 150gr. Met cheddar, spek, augurk en sla.


    Arie’s Angus beefburger 150gr. With Cheddar, bacon, pickles and lettuce.

  • Huisgemaakte bananentaart met walnoten / Chocolade brownie


    Homemade banana cake with walnuts / Chocolate brownie.

  • Extra: french fries


    Extra: French fries

  • Extra: French fries Deluxe with truffle-mayo and parmesan cheese.


    Extra: French fries Deluxe with truffle-mayo and parmesan cheese.

* Deze gerechten zijn tot 2100 te bestellen!
* These dishes can be ordered until 2100!

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