Breakfast in de Huyschkaemer

We are open every day from 09:00 except for Sundays. Then we start at 11.00.
We can make you a delicious breakfast. Starting with a simple croissant, Greek yoghurt with fruit, American style pancakes and eggs with everything you would like on it! A coffee, a fresh juice or a delicious healthy smoothie and you are ready for whatever the day brings you!
Ps. Breakfast is served until 13:00, but for the late risers we gladly make an exception.

Breakfast Menu


Roomboter croissant of toast. Met ham, kaas of jam naar keuze.3.95
Butter croissant or toast. With ham, Dutch cheese, or jam.
Ontbijt croissant Deluxe. Met een gebakken ei, ham, kaas en sla.6.95
Breakfast croissant Deluxe. With a fried egg, ham, cheese and lettuce.
Griekse yoghurt met granola, honing en banaan. 5.95
Greek yogurt with granola, honey and banana.
Acai Bowl. Met granola, banaan, blauwe bessen, kokos en chiazaad.8.95
Acai Bowl. With granola, banana, blueberries, coconut and chia seeds.
Kokos-Cashew Bowl. Met granola, banaan, blauwe bessen en chiazaad. 8.95
Coco-Cashew Bowl. With granola, banana, blueberries and chia seeds.
Amerikaanse pannenkoekjes. American style pancakes. With syrup or Nutella. 7.25
Met bosbessen, banaan and kokos. With blueberries, banana and coconut. 8.25
Met Griekse yoghurt, appel, kaneel en granola. With Greek yoghurt, apple, cinnamon and granola. 8.25
Extra pannenkoek / extra pancake. +1.00


Twee eieren, gebakken of roerei, met geroosterd brood. Two eggs, fried or scrambled, with toast.7.00
Met spinazie, geitenkaas en tomaat. With spinach, goat cheese and tomato.8.50
“Eggs Royale”: zalm en avocado. Salmon and avocado.9.50
Huyschkaemer Engels ontbijt. 2 gebakken eieren, toast, ontbijtworst,
witte bonen in tomatensaus, champignons en spek.
Huyschkaemer English breakfast. 2 fried eggs, toast, breakfast sausage,
baked beans, mushrooms and bacon.
Extra’s with breakfast:
Ham, cheese, bacon, spinach, tomato, mushrooms. +0.75
Extra XL ei / extra XL egg+1.00
Avocado, salmon. +1.50
Homemade banana bread4.00
Apple Cheesecake. From our neighbor "Cheesy Cakes". 4.50

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